The lenght of these posts is getting beyond ridiculous
At this point you do little more than hide behind personal insults. No i wont quote you, why? because i dont wanna waste that much time on a completley pointless debate. Im replying to you out of curtesy.

So lets get to the few actual points youve made:
"How does RTWP have more options", you simply have more possible moves per time unit.
To give you a DnD example, turns in older DnD editions lasted a minute, in later edition a couple of seconds. Thats essentialy the difference here. Smaller time increments to make descisions.
Here you make the same mistake you accuse me of making, because ive given an example of this before.

Lets say you are fighting two melee enemies and a wizard, you have a ranger and a fighter, the enemy wizard is currently obscured, so you now have the choice, do you move the ranger closer to the wizard, hoping that your fighter can keep the melee enemies occupied, or do you keep the ranger behind the fighter were he is safe but cannot take a shot at the wizard.
In a turn based game, thats a descision. In rtwp, you move your ranger to attack the wizard, if the enemy melee character goes after your ranger, you can immediatly backpedal and kite him.
In a turn based game, or tabletop DnD, this would mean your ranger gets tied down in melee.

Just to give you a very simplistic example.

Clear enaugh for you?

"Off turn actions"
are not only actions like attacks of opportunities, but also things like distracting shot if youve played DnD 4E. They are ways to interrupt and deal with the enemies turn, ofthen they re required to have a setup. Overwatch in Xcom is another example or a very simmilar ability in DOS2.
if you play MTG or simmilar games, they are something like Instants in that. The height of this that ive seen in a real time game would be Attack of opportunity, and even that didnt work all that well IIRC in NWN.

Seeing a pattern here?
There is an action economy in turn based games.
Something entierly missing from RTWP games.
And yes, this is the same argument as you make with the turn order. "It doesnt exist in RTWP so why bother": because its good, because its fun, because it opens up gameplay options that you otherwise dont have.
At the end of the day, its gonna boil down to "I like thing" versus "i dont like thing". But thats why i like one thing.
And the reason i dont like the other thing is because i find constantly having to press pause and re adjust my positioning and micromanage everything to be tedious and not impactfull.
It doesnt feel tactical it feels like beeing an elementary school teacher. Especialy if the Companion AI decides it wants to take over.

And story mode realy shouldnt be a matter of debate here.
Every game is bound to have a difficulty slider for those that want to have it easier, OS2 does too. But id say for the sake of discussion one should focus on the standard difficulty.

And the rest is just drivel, you can accuse me of one thing or another, i dont care.

Phi: just try it out then, its not, its tedious.
It might sound good on paper, but the execution turns every fight into one of two different beasts:
1. pre buff and auto attack
2. constantly pause and micromanage, slowing everyhting to a crawl

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