Disclaimer: I have never played a turn based CRPG.

I was initially unsettled by the thought of the game not being RTwP as BG1 and 2 are. I love combat in the BG games. My first thought was please don't fix what ain't broken. But the more I think about it, TB in a CRPG gives me indefinite time to make combat decisions (actually more than I would get in a tabletop game).

And I'm gonna be honest that I micromanage battles to the hilt in BG by pausing like damn near every other second. Or pausing even literally microseconds apart.

For how I play at least, I realized what in the world am I worried about here? I actually like the fact that with TB I'm making decisions slower and not having to react in such a micromanaged way.

Other side of that coin: the kind of neat thing about RTwP in the BG games is that it feels like the game engine almost has to be doing a fair bit of squeezing and stretching in order to get all the variables that are being calculated into each 6 second real time round. Maybe it's an illusion, but if this is so it feels like it adds a bit of a random variable to the battles. I'm not so sure how seamlessly each round stitches together in real time either. Those more knowledgeable about D&D mechanics and the coding can speak to that.

But anyway in the BG games I compulsively pause so often as I micromanage the battle anyway, that after reflecting about it a bit, I think I would rather just have one six second round at a time to worry about, and plenty of time to plan and adjust as the battle progresses.

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