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The lenght of these posts is getting beyond ridiculous

Crazy, right? It just shows how bad the points you've made so far are. I can make full-length essays simply out of questioning those points.

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So lets get to the few actual points youve made:
"How does RTWP have more options", you simply have more possible moves per time unit.
To give you a DnD example, turns in older DnD editions lasted a minute, in later edition a couple of seconds. Thats essentialy the difference here. Smaller time increments to make descisions.
Here you make the same mistake you accuse me of making, because ive given an example of this before.

I must say, I still don't quite get it. "More possible moves per time unit?" Doesn't time stand still in your "turn" in a TB game? In the BG games, for example, how many attacks or how many special actions you can take per round is decided by the rules, so even if you change the games to TB, it shouldn't change how many "possible moves" you can make in your turn, unless you're using a different rule set.

And what's the point of comparing different rule versions? We were talking about how "RTWP has more options than TB", as you claimed. "Smaller time increments to make decisions"? When in a TB game there isn't even a concept of "time"? I mean, you have ALL the time in the world to think and play your turn in a TB game, no?

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Seeing a pattern here?
There is an action economy in turn based games.
Something entierly missing from RTWP games.
And yes, this is the same argument as you make with the turn order. "It doesnt exist in RTWP so why bother": because its good, because its fun, because it opens up gameplay options that you otherwise dont have.
At the end of the day, its gonna boil down to "I like thing" versus "i dont like thing". But thats why i like one thing.
And the reason i dont like the other thing is because i find constantly having to press pause and re adjust my positioning and micromanage everything to be tedious and not impactfull.
It doesnt feel tactical it feels like beeing an elementary school teacher. Especialy if the Companion AI decides it wants to take over.

"There is an action economy in turn based games." Alright, now you're starting to make more solid points. This is the kind of arguments I hoped you'd make.

Let me point out something, however. In your example involving the ranger, fighter, and others, what you described in the RTWP scenario is what we call "micromanagement". In an RTWP game, you will have to do such little movements for every single party member of your party, unless you're playing solo, of course. And this is what I meant by there are players who appreciate the feel of an RTWP game. Micromanaging an entire party can be fun, especially in situations in which you have very little time, like a couple seconds, to micromanage and coordinate several party members to achieve great results. This is why I mentioned a "sense of urgency". The sense of racing against time. In a TB game, you don't get to do this (or have to do this, depending on how you look at it). In a TB game you can take all the time you need to manage one character at a time before moving on to the next combatant.

You may ask "what's fun about having to hit the Pause button every half a second?" Well, it's part of the system, part of the game. It's part of "how you beat an encounter". Players like me like it. Or at least, we can live with it. Just as you like the "action economy" in a TB game. Now if you say there is a less overall sense of tactics just because we can micromanage the characters, then I'll say we have differing opinions. I'll leave this at that.

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At the end of the day, its gonna boil down to "I like thing" versus "i dont like thing". But thats why i like one thing.

You are right. One of your original points, fifteen posts ago, is that, you like TB better, because it offers something RTWP doesn't. Instead of saying exactly this, however, you said "RTWP is less tactical" - which is what I don't agree with. So I'm just going to say that, the opposite is also true: RTWP also offers something TB doesn't. As for what you like better, and what you prefer, I have no problem with it.

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