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same here. i have both DOS games. although they have SP, i think their main focus was really the co-op. BG3 unfortunately will be the same fate as well. all of their interviews were mostly talking about co-op, tabletop, playing with friends. i know i'm possibly alone, i love most of my games Single Player. i do play multiplayer but the experience was mostly ruined by strangers. i don't really have the commitment or time to play competitively in a clan or something. but i understand that is their vision. why are the industry now mostly focusing on GaaS thingy?

You are most assuredly NOT alone in that reality.

Especially when you consider who will be the core audience for a game in this franchise. If Larian does in fact prioritize mp over campaign and the end product is not up to prior standards, they WILL lose sales. And if they believe otherwise, then they were the wrong company to give the license to.

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