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I don't remember if it was after D:OS1 or D:OS2's release, but at some point Swen made a statement saying he was surprised that Larian's internal data pointed towards a majority of the players playing the game in single player mode despite the game mostly being advertised as a coop game. I think the single player playerbase is significantly larger, but the multiplayer/coop playerbase is more vocal since coop mode for this kind of game is a fairly uncommon gimmick for an already somewhat niche genre.

I suppose I'm surprised that they're surprised, though perhaps I shouldn't be as it seems that the entire traditionally SP games industry is having a bit of a love-affair with MP at the moment. I'd agree that the MP fans are by their very nature rather more outspoken; in saying that, I'm slightly loath to imply that the two groups are separate and never the twain shall meet, but it would be interesting to see a Venn diagram as I suspect that while it exists, the overlap isn't gigantic.

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