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I'd rather have DA:I mechanics than D:OS2 mechanics. In fact, DA:I mechanics would be quite nice.

I'm curious what exactly you meant by "DA:I mechanics". Characters suddenly freezing and you have to switch to them, hit jump once to unfreeze them, then switch back to whomever you were previously controlling? Almost non-existent balance? Literally unkillable class (Knight *cough* Enchanter *cough*)? Characters moving about by themselves in combat like clueless geese, taking AoE damage unnecessarily, even though you told them to stay still? Characters refusing to use abilities on target because they keep trying to get closer to the target, even though they CAN'T get ANY closer? (Hard to describe this, it seems like a hitbox detection issue. Just try using Twin Fang on a Pride Demon from behind, you'll see.)

Or mechanics such as every impact from ability can proc elemental damage from Prismatic Greataxe, and each elemental proc can crit?

Or mechanics such as majority of enemies just basic attack? All enemies have is health. Enemy ability usage is ridiculously shallow. The "Walk Softly" trial advertises "enemies gain new traits and abilities..." - OF COURSE the mages gain Fade Cloak (who'd have thunk?). But nothing else. Archers gain Leaping Shot. Other than these, just more health. And MORE health. And more straight immunities to stuff. NOTHING ELSE.

I am sorry, but DA:I combat is a big pile of trash. Abysmal balance and stupid concepts aside, from the technical standpoint, the whole "combat" of that game doesn't even function properly most of the goddamn time. The character freezing issue would happen like every 5s in every fight holy **** I swear they never played their own game at all.

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