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I'd rather have DA:I mechanics than D:OS2 mechanics. In fact, DA:I mechanics would be quite nice.

Hmm. There was a great deal about Inquisition that I liked, but its mechanics isn't really one of them. Especially the likes of boss battles with the ME-style repeatedly regenerating shields whose only purpose was to prolong a combat encounter I was already not enjoying. But perhaps I'm just a habitual malcontent.

I meant only its RTwP combat system, not its rules. Also how a third person game would shift to isometric during combat. But I would note that things happening to prolong encounters (which did happen in the DA games) that I was already not enjoying is EXACTLY how I would describe my experience playing D:OS.

@Try2Handing, I played DA:I all the way through to its end, including all of its DLCs, and never once experienced any of the technical issues you are describing. As for its mechanics, yes, I can agree that some of its mechanics was not to my liking. I especially dislike cool-downs. But again, my point is not to defend DA:I but rather to say that however bad DA:I combat was D:OS combat was worse (for me).

I don't have the time to play too many games, and my personal tastes in the types of games I like are extremely narrow. As such the universe of games I have played is not that large. But within that universe, combat in D:OS was the worst of all.

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