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So what's the attraction to computer gaming on a Linux distribution?

Not having to pay for a Windows licence is a good starting point: I only use Windows for gaming so it does irk me somewhat that I have to pay "the Microsoft tax" if I don't want to use a console: which isn't something I've ever gravitated towards as I've never liked controllers much, ever since the Atari 2600 was a thing, and I like modding and tinkering too much.

I don't think there's any good reason why Linux or the other various types of Unix shouldn't be used for gaming, but it seems to be that thing that never really takes off. Developers are too wedded to DirectX, whether as their primary focus or the means of doing a "bad console port".

Admittedly if games did typically run on Linux I'd probably just have the one PC instead of My Gaming Rig™ and a much more low-power desktop, so I'd instead moan about how much power it was gobbling up instead.

Not only that. I have dual boot. Divine Divinity just din't worked on M$ Win 10. Same with Sacred 1/2 and Dungeon Siege 1/2... On Linux, almost all old games worked easily. Diablo 2, no matter how much i try, can only play windowed. On Linux i can easily run. Since i hate most modern games, i rarely use M$ windows.