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- castle system sth like in NWN2,
- meaningful romances not tainted with SJW bullshit and political correctness, ahh Viconia...
- make elves look georgeus more Tolkien like style (I'm writing this because I saw what you did to elves in DOS2, despite different promotional materials, you want sth ugly you have half-orcs, gnomes and some humans:),
- if you're going to include tieflings and aasmiars make them look more like in 3rd D&D edition and not like 4th...
- companions quests with meaningful endings and consequences in campaign gameplay,
- surprise me (escape from tarrasque scenario, divine interventions, vampire / werewolf system, succubus hidden under your companion skin, whatever!
- references from previous games,
- if you worship god make it count, dialogues, NPC interactions, privileges in their temples, etc.
- make elven city, seriously I didn't saw even single elven city in any D&D based game like wtf? send us to Evermeet or sth... (wood elves doesn't count),
- subraces?

Just curious but what kind of SJW bullshit do you mean? Like going over the top in asking for censent in tripplet, Romance mixed in with Intersectional feminist leactures, and so on? Because Larian Studios doesn't seem the type. The closest to that would be all romancible Companions will likely be bisexual, which from a practical perpective makes sense, more bang for the buck, and the Blessed of Corellon Larethian optional Elf Racial Feature that allows the Elf to change Genders during a long rest. Personally I think that was neat. And before any misunderstandings I'm an MRA not an SJW.