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Yup, I stand by my early-on prediction that the combat system will be something that is a hybrid of elements of RTwP and TB or else something completely new.

Nope. I just don't see it... the former bit. I'm trying to imagine a hybrid between Turn Based and Paused based, some way in which both systems can be active. But it wouldn't work. Sure, you can swap details between the 2, mix and match features, add in inconsequential stuff and use it as a selling point, calling it a hybrid. But at the end of the day, it can still ONLY be Turn Based or Pause.

It cannot be both.

Because it comes down to the fundamental design, and the flow of the game. Any combat system where all on screen characters DO NOT immediately attack (per scripts obv.) whenever in range of a target (i.e what the BG series has always been) is NOT RTwP.

And conversely, any combat system in which the above happens, and there is NO immediate queue style combat setup like D:OS, Elemental Evil, etc, whenever an enemy appears on screen, is NOT Turn Based.

That's just the facts. You cannot make the game do both of those things at the same time.


Unless of course you do what Obsidian did w/ PoE2 in a post release patch and give us both options from the start. But that's basically double the work for Larian. Will we get that?

And as for something completely new.... yea, No. It STILL can really only be 1 or the other.

I'm telling ya... this announcement's going to be major. Lot of possible pre-orders just floating in the air...