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I was tempted to stop reading after the "The main issue with pausable real-time combat in CRPGs like Baldur’s Gate is the argument that it lacks tactical depth." bit.


Yep, the ol' RTwP 'lacks tactical depth' canard is the most specious "argument" of all. Not only in BG but also in IwD, NwN, PoE, and P:K games, i routinely set up battle formations, engage in tactical positioning including flanking and the like, use cover, coordinate actions among multiple characters, etc. And I do this quite comfortably.

The hard, cold truth is this: It is not the systems that are different. RTwP and TB are equivalent systems that are equally functional for engaging in deep tactical gameplay. What's different are the players, where some can handle RTwP while others cannot. And those that cannot don't want to admit to this, so they come up with silly, ridiculous, and utterly specious "arguments" for why RTwP is bad, when the problem lies with them and not the system.