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https://www.pcinvasion.com/amp/baldurs-gate-iii-the-case-for-a-turn-based-combat-mode/ PC invasion makes a damn good case for turn-based combat, but I think it misses a, few arguments.

Doesn't make any case at all other than to say 'it's what I want so that's how it should be.' The author's a narcissistic jackass.

Also there is yet again the false claim that RTwP is an "old" design and TB is the "hip new" thing. TB existed before RTwP came along. TB is the old, as in ancient old, design. Then RTwP came along as a new way of setting up gameplay. But at some point after 2000, devs decided to abandon the new system, RTwP, and go back to the old system, TB. Going BACK to the old way doesn't make something "new".

I didn't see the author act either like a jackass or a narcissist or a jackass and I think that is harsh, he was just another person with an opinion upon making an argument, like we all are.