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Pausing every few microseconds is the pinnacle of strategic depth.

So is spending 10 minutes watching 12 enemies taking their turn making inconsequential moves ("inconsequential" because you know you're going to wipe them out in the next 2-3 turns no matter what).

"Pausing every few microseconds". Except, not necessarily. You don't have to mash that button. You can totally play without pausing, if you want to. Custom character scripts help.

Shows how much you really know about the system or what you're talking about, right?

One of the things I like about RTwP is that, when it's done right, I can choose my level of micromanagement. The advanced party AI in the BGEEs is the closest I've found to my goal of actually playing a party leader. I've only played a little of DoS, and I haven't checked to see if there's any party automation available yet, since I'm still learning the combat system.