When I play DOS2 on my MacBook Pro 2017 (10.14.5), if I connect my Bluetooth earphones, no in-game sound can be heard from DOS2 other than the loading-logo’s “plop” sound.
Every other single app on my MacBook works just fine and every Sound or Bluetooth setting I could find did not make a difference.
As soon as I switch my output device to “Internal Speakers”, the in-game sound returns.
No matter which Bluetooth device I use, JBL Everest 150NC or Sennheiser Earbuds, this problem occurs although I have had one single instance in which the JBL Everest 150NC Bluetooth earphones did work.

I paid for DOS2 and very much enjoy the game, but expect it to be compatible using Bluetooth audio devices on a Mac.
What is it (in the ported version, I assume) that delivers this incompatibility?

I hope this can be investigated and improved soon.
Thank you very much,