The point is that its not one way or another.
You can make a character believeable and feminine.
Just because your characters look aesthetic doesnt mean you are a Korean MMORPG.
I personalyl detest the trend that modern western games have this obsession with uglyness. The last big budget RPG from the west that had aesthetically pelasing Humans was the Witcher 3.

Likewise, fantasy outfits for some reason all need to reflect game of thrones. Not actually realistic, brown, unaesthetic.
People need to stop equating beauty with something negative.

Or equating "realism" with something inhernetly superior, especialy if, like game of thrones, it is not actually realistic in any way.
One thing that always gets me as someone who dabbles in the visual arts, is the way scale is presented. There is a trend to a "realistic" scale rather than an idealized one.
and in the end, it just looks worse. Specifically with recent Bioware games, the scale seemed to have shifted from (realistic) 7.5 heads to 7 heads, for reasons i cannot point out.
Someone made a realy good infograph about that.

As for Heels, i personally think they work in the way Guild Wars or Witcher did it: Wizards can get away with blatantly impractical wear, once they hit melee they get molten instantly anyway, also they have a tendency of beeing vain.
On a melee character it has the tendency of making the animations look silly.
Unless you happen to be warhammer fantasy and have witch elves, in which case the blatant exagration is the whole point.