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I very much enjoyed your previous games and I'm very excited for BG3.
A trend I keep seeing in CRPGs is having female characters be drawn or modeled in a sexualized manner. I ask that you please refrain from doing that in BG3.
I'd really appreciate it if my female heroes could look as capable as my male heroes. Having female characters look sexualized decreases suspension of disbelief and immersion for me. I'm a dude in his 20s and contrary to popular belief having sexy babes in a game does not make it more appealing to me.
Thanks for hearing me out smile

Either you are being naive or haven't been gaming. Most female characters on gaming since 2010 has been ruined by your kind. I said enough is enough you are not moral police and developers have been stupid meeting your demands ended up with bland and uninteresting characters design.

Meanwhile ignoring blood gore, fighting, killing have been part of gaming since the beginning. Pls leave and stop ruining games for your selfish hippocricy afraid being your child exposing to females.

We all know where this leads to. Larian let's not forget what happened to Divinity Origin Sins poster. And what changes you made to please these people. They certainly did not buy your games nor being your true fan.

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