I'm a game developer FWIW, my intent when creating characters isn't unlike if I was a novelist or a film maker I imagine. I want them to be believable, and if appropriate heroes. It's hard to make an avatar heroic. With a screen actor it's easy, <insert famous actor> can get up there and convey so much that we easily see them as heroic, or whatever. But getting a bunch of pixels to look that way, when you have limited ability to voice (even with budget) that you have to overcompensate in other ways. Visual and music being the easiest. So yeah characters, male and female, exaggerate to try to reach the player. Women are curvy (e.g. Sebille in D:OS2) and men are muscular (Ifan). But I think Larian did it tastefully in this example, Sebille is pretty sexy visually and voice wise, but she's also a crazy powerful assassin, so she has strength too. And Ifan has a complex history behind him and is not just a muscle head, his origin story has a lot of emotion in it.

So meh, I don't get the modern obsession with trying to find fault in every characterization of women, or men for that matter which nobody seems to care about.

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