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Just make it possible to use a custom portrait so I can add my Luis Royo art laugh and everyone who want "realistic" art can have that as well : )

Also I have a huge collection of art for my table top gaming, functional and sexy armor can absolutley be done, without resorting to the stupid "Aim Here" Cleavage.

Barbarians should be like Conan or Red Sonja. Fighters should have functional armor. Monk, Sorc and Wizard could be naked if they wish to.

What about multiclass Barbarian Fighters or a Fighter Eldrich Knight that uses Mage Armour spell instead of actual Armour?

I want an enchanted chainmail bikini, and that is just for my male characters ;p on a more seriously note, without boob plate you can't tell the gender of the character at all.

Honestly screw realistic Armour, I like Armour that looks cool.