Its not hate. But theres a red flag already, classifying criticism of an invasive idea as hate is ridiculous.

And oh boy, here it goes. Oh yeah, you the silent majority. The silent majority who wants ugly characters. The silent majority who keeps not buyign any actual video games yet somehow, despite beeing oh so silent, constantly gets pandered to by western developers, who in turn keep going bankrupt because their games look amateurish as a result.

But since you already resorted to an ad hominem by claiming that my opinion is centered on satisfying my sexual desires: Ie: fapping to video games, why would i even listen to you.
Clearly youve got some insecurities to work on yourself. I for one create Art as a hobby and have an eye for aesthetics, you aperently do not.

The idea that what you are asking for is somehow more "Humanizing" shows your skewed perception of reality.
Most women are beautifull. I genuinly believe this, i have seen vastly more beautifull than ugly women in my life. Perhaps that is because i am from a central european country where people generally know how to dress well, are not overweight and know how to take care of themselves. But uglyness is not part of beeing human, beauty is.

TL;DR Go back to ResetEra

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