If I see unbelievably skimpy armor that doesn't even make sense I'll probably just chuckle and enjoy the game. As someone who has played enough video games and read enough mangas, to me the whole "skimpy armor" and "sexualized female chars" thing is more of a meme than anything. To me it's just funny. But I suppose some people *are* offended by such things, and they have the right to want to not have to deal with them.

Sometimes I'm just happy that I'm not offended or concerned by things such as this like some people. I can enjoy things more freely.

What *would* upset me is what they pulled with Inquisition. An entire cast of unattractive major female characters, except Morrigan and Leliana. Hell, if these two characters had not been established before this game, they probably would have been much less attractive, too. This is a stupid move and everyone knows it. I don't think this will be a concern when it's Larian doing this, though.

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