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I did not expect to get so much hate for such a simple request. I don't visit game forums often, so when I came back today to check if there was a reply to my post I was surprised to see that it was at the very top of the page.

To the developers: please keep in mind that most of your fans, like me, do not write often on forums such as this. The people who voiced objection to my request may be the most vocal fans, and they seem to have very strong opinions on the sexualization of female characters in games. But I'm guessing they are a minority and that the vast majority of people who play your games share my opinion that characters in games are not there to satisfy our sexual desires. And we would prefer you ditch the boob plate and skimpy outfits in favor of more believable and more humanizing portrayals of female characters.

who is that "we" there? you voice opinion on your "own". you don't represent anyone here. basically i don't have or need sexual desires from fantasy pixel games. if i need sexual desire i can find aplenty in real life.

first and foremost.. i prefer boob plate, chainmail bikini... whatever you name it. if larian is brave enough (history shows they are afraid of SJWs who don't play their games). larian.. if you take these people seriously about females need to look bland and armor needs "realism" in a game where you shoot fireball from your hand.. i'd think again about realism. these people who talks realism out of their...

i rest my case.