I'll rephrase an earlier suggestion I made that the game developers could provide additional art options to satisfy everyone.. If the resources are available I don't see how any reasonable person could object to one person playing a version with optional puritanical character art and another opting for one with a bawdier style. At the very least, previous games in this genre have offered the ability to customize character portraits; could something like this be a solution?

This is an interesting topic but it's become clear that a compromise may never be enough for some individuals who insist that game developers conform to their personal sensibilities or agenda. If any player is unhappy with one artistic rendering or another they should always feel welcome to voice that Opinion but should Not have the power to pressure game developers to cater to their whims or to generalize and belittle other players with an alternate viewpoint.

In the end Larian will make the game that they want to. I hope it will have the gameplay, roleplaying aspects, combat style, and art direction that I'm looking for, and if it meets most of those things then I'll definitely buy it. If not, I'll spend my entertainment $ elsewhere. I don't for a second believe that my one decision is going to make or break their profit margin nor do I believe I represent anyone other than myself when I voice what kind of game <I> am looking for.

So let's lose the dramatics and stick to making suggestions that Larian can use to help make a game that Everyone can enjoy.