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(history shows they are afraid of SJWs who don't play their games).

Really? For changing the cover art, when there were other, valid reasons for doing so, and no in-game art was changed, including literal bikini armour (female orcs) and a character wearing only vines and leaves? In fact, the concept art for the later character was on the Kickstarter page all through most of that discussion (near the top, even, until a large update about stretch goals was added), and nobody objecting to the cover art mentioned it, and nobody claiming Larian 'caved in to censorship' ever explain if that was the case why nothing else was changed (and the original cover art continued to be used in other places).

Several people had issues with the design of the female elves in D:OS 2, though somehow not the equivalently designed male elves. This was noted by Larian, discussed briefly, and no changes were made.

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As for men not beeing sexualized: kind of pointless. Women are not attracted to men beeing sexualized in the same way men like women to be sexualized, its a false equivalency.

Um... have you never seen the cover of a romance novel, or the lead characters in most romantic comedies? Have you never been in an office full of women when the hot delivery guy comes in? Woman can and do sexualize and objectify men (do I need a #notall?).
I know of a Scottish bar in Canada that had kilts as part of the uniforms, then had to switch back to pants, since women repeatedly would check out what the male servers were wearing underneath, despite signs requesting they not do so.