Not saying women dont objectify men.
Im saying that 1. objectification is not somethng terrible, its something normal and 2. what i meant is that if men were sexualized in the same way women are sexualized, most women would not be attracted to that.
Look at some steam romance novels, you got muscular dudes looking into the distance, or muscular dudes holding women, or muscular dudes riding horses.

Thats pretty much exactly the depiction men get in Fantasy media. It is however not considered "Sexualizing" men because it doesnt LOOk the same way as women are "sexualized".
But that is due to the fact that what is considered attractive in men has a tendency of beeing assertiveness, power and status. Which is ofthen called a "power fantasy".
Thats why i call it af alse equivalency. Men are sexualized in a way that is attractive to women, but that "doesnt count" since thats also a "power fantasy".
Ironically, from my expirience with women, physical attractiveness and beeing swooned over is a power fantasy for many women....