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Well, for one I'm tired of constant sexualization and objectification of women in video games (if there is no sexualization of male characters).

Will that keep me from buying BG3 ? Probably not (combat gameplay may).
But do I want something plausible in terms of armor ? Yes.

And frankly, I think this is a lost battle for the people who absolutely want women to have sexy models.
Malady is gorgeous without having to see her bellybutton first.

PS : so, after Zandalor trunks do we get Zandalor thong (at first I wrote Zandalor thing laugh ) as high level armor ?

I'm all for equal opportunity sexiness.

But I don't buy into feminist theory of sexual objectification (95% of feminist theories), I have yet to confuse someone with a sofa or a toaster, or refrigerator, or a vibrator, or a fleshlight just because I'm attracted to either appearance. Although I'm willing to pretend I do if that is their fetish I guess.