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Those random encounters you also usually win using auto-attack without doing anything, not issuing a single order. I understand that is the core of adventure, you get xp an loot. Most devs use this to increase game time. But It would be nice to have less inconsequential and repetitive encounters and more difficult fights.
One thing I like of DOS games is that you do not have 2 equal fights in the entire game: every skirmish is unique because you have different enemies or different terrain. I hope they repeat the formula.

It sounds like you hope they remake DOS.

Also sounds like you don't remember playing Infinity games with low level parties. No fights are inconsequential and any enemy can kill you if you make a mistake.

Also remember fighting the same 5 slavers in Athkathla, unarmored and with a mage more than a dozen times. And an insanely amount of goblins, kobolds and skeletons every time I enter a map in bg. Or whenever I go buy things at Thatlantyr shop the same 5 skeletons.
Also remember when I reach level 3-5 and get some armor I won all these fights with the ia and auto-attack, not casting a single spell or moving a muscle for the rest of the game. At least in strategy games, you had the option to auto-fight...

In IWD games that does not happen, you had a set amount of enemies in the map, so you can do more complex encounters. You can ambush them, or the enemy is positioned to ambush you or has some traps laying ahead ( Like the unforgettable exploding barrels of IWD2). You feel that you are not living in a deja vu, repeating the same battle against the same 6 enemies every half hour of gameplay.
Even in Diablo games, the enemies reset and vary whenever you load the game, so It does not feel the same even if you had to fight your way again.

Not a remake of DoS but, fighting the same enemies, again and again, every time I need to buy something? An encounter with the same enemies in different colors for a gazillion time like in Japanese games? eternal grinding? unlimited spawning of the same enemies? No, thanks.

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