I think the argument beeing made here is that Witcher (well, CDPR, you get my point) creates its characters without having any deliberate intent in mind, the female characters are ofthen beautifull (at least the young, plot related, magically gifted ones) and dressed in a good balance of fitting in with the setting and beeing beautifull.

Meanwhile Mass effect andromeda was generaly shat on for making its characters deliberatley ugly, to the point where the main female character used int he marketing, looked significantly less attractive than the voice actor whom the character was supposedly based on.
Much the same problem happend in the prior game of Bioware, Dragon Age Inquisition where all the female characters looked unattractive, while all the male character had male model faces.

Wiht mass effect andromeda, the effect is heightened by the game, allegedly, beeing made by a skeleton staff of bioware developers and a cadre of inexpirienced graduates, which leads to very janky and awkward looking animations, and overall bad looking designs, such as the eyes not having shadows and other such oversights.
It didnt help that there was then an Interview in which it was deflected that the bad animations were "deliberate" or something, i forgot what the exact wording was, but it was a pretty lame copout.