Mostly I agree, though it comes down to the complete look: sometimes when everything is idealised the result can be rather bland. And I often prefer shorter hair on other women but that's the subjective element, I suppose. In general terms I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying though.

Interesting picture. Actually now that I think about it, Shepard (male and female) always seemed unnaturally tall and heroic and were too exaggerated, but Andromeda went a bit too far the other way; indeed in that picture, if you look at where shorty's heels are he's only about 7 heads tall. Also at risk of opening a can of worms I recall that one of the developers was notoriously racist but I don't know if he had any influence over the choice of skin colours. I suspect it was more down to a lot of their team lacking experience and I think EA and/or Bioware had decided Andromeda was going to fail before it was even released so just left them to it rather than helping to give it some much-needed polish (which it gradually got anyway, albeit not quite enough).

J'aime le fromage.