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I think the divinity engine and combat would be perfect for bg3.
Most features in 5ed simply rely on turns, such as Assassinate and gloom stalker's extra attack.

Be more honest. It's not perfect for BG3, it's perfect for saving money.
Which is what you want, right? You want to recycling the same tools you used for your earlier turn based games and save some money that way.

Changing the franchise to turn-based is frankly a massive disrespect to the precious two games.
Let's not pretend the previous games didn't have concepts of turns and rounds. Giving someone an extra attack per round, or applying some special conditions to the 1st round was never an issue in the previous games.

You are incorrect.

This^. That RTwP doesn't truly represent how PnP D&D works is the single biggest piece of false propaganda out there being pushed by people demanding that every RPG must be TB.

It's not false propaganda, 5e is very much designed for Turn Based, to do 5e faithfully its has to be turn based and it's not me saying that, its Tactical Adventures saying that, a company in that is actually turning 5e SRD rules into a video game, with a playable free demo coming with its September 3rd Kickstarter. They've come put and said you can't properly do 5e with RTwP, it has to be turn based. Honestly I was on the fence about what I thought this game would be, even concidering the possibility of a hybrid until I read what a company with actual real world experience in turning 5e into an actual video game had to say about it. Larian would run into the same sort of challenges as TA.

I'll see if I can find the link to the interview where this was discussed.