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I think the divinity engine and combat would be perfect for bg3.
Most features in 5ed simply rely on turns, such as Assassinate and gloom stalker's extra attack.

Be more honest. It's not perfect for BG3, it's perfect for saving money.
Which is what you want, right? You want to recycling the same tools you used for your earlier turn based games and save some money that way.

Changing the franchise to turn-based is frankly a massive disrespect to the precious two games.
Let's not pretend the previous games didn't have concepts of turns and rounds. Giving someone an extra attack per round, or applying some special conditions to the 1st round was never an issue in the previous games.

You are incorrect.

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It's not false propaganda, 5e is very much designed for Turn Based

2nd edition was made for turn based on the table top as well. And look where it got Baldur's Gate.

Your arguments are nothing more than propaganda.

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If you want rules like bonus actions or reactions fully implemented does not make much sense to make`em in RTwP.

Weak excuses.
You know pause is a feature in Badur's gate? Just pause the round if you want to prompt the player for reaction.

But I know why you guys use this weak-willed defeatism attitude.
Because it's already been decided Larian wants to save money and use their old turn-based tools.

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What defeatism? I'm fine with turn based.

Defeatism, when you use bad excuses, instead of creativity.
When you insist something is impossible, while refusing to consider the possibilities.
When you pretend you are so smart and insist the reaction mechanism is impossible, but in reality it's just because you are a lazy developer who wants to save money and recycle tools.

All to the detriment of Baldur's Gate.
If Bioware had the same defeatist attitude as Larian, and insisted the 2nd Edition must be turn based, the Baldur's Gate series would have never even existed.

What's next? Why don't you turn Street Fighter into Turn-based while you are at it.
You're so happy about making things sour for the original fanbase after all.

None of your post have any merit in this discussion as they do not give any reason as why RTwP is better than Turn-Based. You have only called names to discredit someone else's view on the subject. You have directed most of your comments toward Larian Studio without even knowing if, or why they may choose Turn-Based over RTwP. That can only be speculation at this point.

I can give several of my speculations.
  • Larian has stated that they want to follow the 5E rules as closely as possible.
  • WotC told Larian to make it turn-based so that people who play the game can easily go to play tabletop and vice versa.
  • Other RPG's who had RTwP have now included patches or Mods that make their games Turn-based because people like Turn-Based.

But I do know one thing. Calling people names or degrading them never gets your way!

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