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Man, who sounds defeatist here?
IF its RTWP, ill still play it, but ill call that lazy,

In other words, if Baldur's Gate 3 is like its predecessors, you might just barely tolerate it,
This is like admitting you were never a fan of the series to begin with. Maybe the developers shouldn't pander to you at all.

The Defeatism camp is the one who insist d&d 5e is impossible to implement in real-time. The people who are weak willed and give up at the 1st excuse to give up.
By definition my camp cannot be defeatists. Because we are saying it was possible to turn d&d 2e and 3e into real-time, it would be just as possible to turn 5e into real-time.
We see solutions where you see impossibility. That's the difference between our arguments.

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Why would anyone use Turn Based, a very popular game system right now, instead of the GLORY that is RTWP, an old system that exists due to convenience at the time?

This argument is more of a side-note, but the Baldur's Gate franchise sold 3,5 million copies by the time Throne of Bhaal expansion was released.
You're speaking to a fanbase that had an active modding community a decade after the game launched. Things have slowed down as we approach the 2nd decade anniversary, but it's still a testament to how big and dedicated the fanbase was.
(I'm not talking about silly reskin mods, but hundreds of elaborate ones that added new quests and character dialogues, and even the ones who merged together both games and both expansions)

That's the legacy you are disrespecting when you use arguments like this.