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Defeatism? thats rich.
Considering that your camp, which i am now convinced consists of a single guy with multiple accounts simply because of how simmilar the posts are getting, keeps going with the most uncharitable interpretation of anything possible.

Why would anyone use Turn Based, a very popular game system right now, instead of the GLORY that is RTWP, an old system that exists due to convenience at the time?
IT must be LAZYNESS; it must be SAVING MONEY, saving money in the most expensive game the company has ever made.
Its justa money grab afterall.

Man, who sounds defeatist here?
I just dont like RTWP , its a blatantly bad system.
Im glad if its anything but that, so im not gonna be defeatist about it.
IF its RTWP, ill still play it, but ill call that lazy, because thats just rehashing a game that came out ages ago, without actually improving the formula.

Chances are, well end up with an action RPG system and this entire thread will look realy stupid in hindsight.

It's @@@ weird to me as someone who still has goldbox games to see people referring to Turn Based as the new shiny thing, with RTwP as the old gonard stuff as the first CRPGs I played were all turned based. The Goldbox Games, Ultima Games, Fallout 2. What was old is new again. I do understand the turn based mechanics have changed a lot and the technology is a lot more advanced and that part of this is due to the success of newer TTRPGs which are turned based.

What is old is new again.

Back To The Future...