Nope, I am a realistic person. Ideas are good. You can have lots of them, abstract ideas, everybody. Go for infinity and beyond! eternity is your limit
but later you have to implement them. I am pretty sure there are full of amazing ideas in Larian. They always came up with something new in their games, sometimes they critical hit, sometimes they get a natural one.

An architect ( some of them are real penpal general armchairs) can come to you with this incredible idea of a building in the shape of the Igdrassyl tree, with spires and transparent lifts in the exterior running in horizontal and vertical; multiple penhouses and restaurants in the treetop. All celebrating the fusion of human and nature. He states that you can do it with proper time and materials and asks you to crunch the numbers for that._(JFTR, that design would be highly inadvisable due to thousands of practical problems that you would encounter day-to-day. The people that hired Santiago Calatrava and guys like him maybe do not care, but usually, it is not the case)

Well, The fact that it is possible to do it does not mean that you can (or should) do it.

Let us remember the map-travelling feature in ME:Andromeda. It was amazing the detail of every planet you move to, and the animation and movement of the travel was well made, but, every time you have to move from point A to point B you had like 45 seconds of inescapable animation (amazing animation, but that were 45 seconds delay every time you left a planet), and you have to scan every planet in the 14 systems of the galaxy of andromeda.
So, due to negative feedback, they have to make an emergency patch to allow instantaneous space travel. To the point that nobody ever uses that feature because as every veteran in every game ever always skips things that are pure time-eaters, and because it was very annoying the wait for starters.

Those were days of work lost that could be used elsewhere due to lack of playtesting, and an example of how a cool feature badly implemented usually annoy players because causes too much time consuming, requires too many steps to do a simple action or has a messy UI; Those are things that are avoided in game creation. Because they could be amazing, but nobody is going to use it due to the way we made them.

Ed: So, I think your approach is doable, but it would be likely to be cut before game launch if it is indeed made like this due to negative feedback of the playtesters.

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