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Let us remember the map-travelling feature in ME:Andromeda. It was amazing the detail of every planet you move to, and the animation and movement of the travel was well made, but, every time you have to move from point A to point B you had like 45 seconds of inescapable animation (amazing animation, but that were 45 seconds delay every time you left a planet), and you have to scan every planet in the 14 systems of the galaxy of andromeda.
So, due to negative feedback, they have to make an emergency patch to allow instantaneous space travel. To the point that nobody ever uses that feature because as every veteran in every game ever always skips things that are pure time-eaters, and because it was very annoying the wait for starters.

These two situations are not really comparable.
The a.i. feature in BG2 was never in the way for anyone, people who wanted to manually issue orders for all 6 characters were free to do that. And people who wanted 1 to 5 of the characters to be a.i. assisted where free to do that. It was a flexible system that let everybody toggle their preferences on the fly.

I'm sure there were naysayers back in the day who insisted the first Baldur's gate games should have been turn based.
But the millions of sales, and fans world wide have proven you wrong, d&d HAVE been made real-time with great success.