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The latest Dragon Age sold terribly, especialy the DLC.
The latest mass effect sold terribly. It wasnt just because of this, but definitly part of this.

And yes, women are attracted to different things than men.
Women are, by large, attracted to physically powerfull men, if not, tell me why are there not more scrawny as fuck male strippers running around.
Why do you think movie protagonists tend to be buff with a square jaw line?

You can pretend its different all you want. Men and women consider other things sexy.

If you believe that women would fall over themselves if men were sexualized in the same way as women are, then its you whose living in bizarro world

Wrong Dragon Age Inquisition was a success https://www.pcgamer.com/dragon-age-inquisition-had-most-successful-launch-in-bioware-history/
I know facts are scary. If it was not successfull they wouldn't do Dragon Age 4.

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