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Wrong Dragon Age Inquisition was a success https://www.pcgamer.com/dragon-age-inquisition-had-most-successful-launch-in-bioware-history/
I know facts are scary. If it was not successfull they wouldn't do Dragon Age 4.

Holy cow!

They´ve made a lot of DLC, they do not do that if you do not sell (look at ME:A. No, wait, do not look that thing).

The characters were pleasant, and it was an end for the story of DA (For Hawke at least) so it was not that bad; but whatever they are planning for the Da4 worries me. Solas was not really an interesting character for me, to be honest. They´ve should stick to Flemeth.

Sexualized or not, pretty or ugly, mostly depends on the character, too: A nurse in short skirt and fishnet stockings will be ok in a brothel, but it would be weird in a hospital.

I can only add my own experience to that but a bunch of friends who are long-time Bioware fans mostly loved Inquisition. I don't mean unconditionally, we have our own assorted gripes about this and that, but it seemed very popular with people who'd been gaming with them for a long while. But y'know, people said DA2 sucked too, but having replayed it comparatively recently I found it to be a much better game than its reputation suggests; and a much better game than I remembered myself as I'd certainly over-stated the problem the game being dominated by the "every fight is the same three waves of ridiculous abseiling ninjas", which was a valid moan but it actually didn't overshadow everything else. My other gripe about the lack of original locations was largely a fault of Oranges too, and significantly resolved in Inquisition. The Hinterlands remains one of my favourite videogame places.

And yeah, Solas as DA4's antagonist: I'm also not sure about that. But one of those friends is inexplicably fangirly about Solas so she'll be happy. Which I suppose brings us back to attractiveness: she likes him for his personality (I mean unless she has a secret thing for big shiny heads) but I suppose I'm more or less the same with Sera: it doesn't matter so much that she's less physically attractive than she could've been (though as I said, I did re-add the make-up they scrubbed off) but I liked her because she's a laugh.

J'aime le fromage.