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"Oranges"? You mean Origins? Origins doesn't have any fantastic locales with breathtaking vistas, but it doesn't have the excessive copypasta and location recycling like DA2 does, either.

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but I liked her because she's a laugh.

I can't stand Sera. Aside from her attitude, I swear, I don't understand what she's saying about 80% of the time. It's probably partly because English is not my first language, but the way Sera says things, her word choices, and all the metaphors and slang or whatever, make what she says almost pure gibberish to me. I had subtitles on all the time and hell, most of the time I couldn't even follow the subtitles for her dialogs while ignoring the VO altogether, because I struggled to understand the words that she uses. Sometimes it was hard for me to tell with certainty whether she was approving or disapproving, agreeing or disagreeing, because of the way she talks. Gosh. Every time I was about to talk to Sera I would be like "$&#@ me here we go again..."

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