She kinda reminded me of Dayna off Blakes 7 (no apostrophe, they couldn't afford one, and the later crappy series minus Blake) in terms of look, voice and general demeanous. But was a much less likeable character in execution: in effect she was pretty much the female equivalent of Solas in that you needed to think carefully about what she wanted to hear rather than what you wanted to say.

Then again, people have described Sera in the same way. And I've just described myself as having a similar personality, so maybe that's why I got along with her okay.

It can be annoying, but having seen the counterpoint, I actually understand and appreciate that way of doing stuff. The point of view being that characters are their own thing with their own opinions and their own world views, and unless you're playing an arch manipulator, you're not going to please everybody all of the time. Or any of the time in some cases. And nor should you want to. I guess the problem is when your affinity with everybody gets hit because of one malcontent or someone you just don't get on with; but even then is it that different to the way stuff is IRL? Other people may not care for your nemesis but they will quickly tire of you arguing with them, so maybe not so unrealistic.

Although there's a lot to be said for the art of persuasion, speechcraft or whatever one wants to call it, I think it's unreasonable to consider it as an infallible, overriding mechanic because it's just unrealistic. I recall one discussion (it may have even been here, though I forget offhand) where someone asserted that a character who was persuasive enough should be able to get an unambiguously homosexual character like Sera or Dorian (or hetero like Cassandra, for that matter) to sleep with their PC because they're just so charming, and I was just left feeling that it doesn't work like that. I guess it's better to have characters who are irksome than a bland world full of people who can be talked around to any PoV by fairly basic means. Though I reserve the right to complain about it when it suits me.

J'aime le fromage.