My problem was not that she was unlikeable.
unlikeable characters are actually good. they add to the game, espcialy if they are a rival.

What i dont like about Viviane is not that shes annoying or bitchy, what i dont like about her is that whenever you are engaged in a conversation with her, your character is given the idiot ball so she can act high and mighty.
Especialy about things that for you, the player who comes from a modern society, are painfully obvious.

Ill give you another example than the vashoth one which also annoyed me to no end.
At some point in Vivians (vivane? Vivienne? whatever) Dialogue tree, she quizzes you about your opinion on Mages.

Funly enaugh this was AFTER you declared allegiance to the Templars or the mages, i personally liked that descsion because it specifically made you pick one.
it didnt give you a weasle out of it choice.
But that was deliberate, no matter what your character thought, he had to agree with one of those two factions, even if he thought htey were too extreme.

Now with Vivienne (i think that was how it was spelled), she asked you what you thought and you got, if i remember correctly, two dialogue choices.

>Go Wizards, muggles are basically idiots and there is literaly nothing wrong with letting a bunch of Nuclear Warhead tier Assholes walk around with any restrictions placed on them
>Templars arent even extreme enaugh, Wizards should basically be slaves and who needs em anyway

To which she replies something to the effect of "Well well dummy, i think that both are right, and that mages should be restricted but not as draconically"
And then to add insult to injury she goes on in the way of "thats not such a hard concept to grasp right?"

That made me angry. Yeah, tis the OBVIOUS answer, an answer the game didnt let me choose.
It deliberatley did not let me make that choice so this NPC could act smug.

Simply put, its terrible writing trying to make a Character look smart, without having the capacity of writing an actually smart character.
so the main character has to be dumbed down to Grugg level to make her look intelligent by comparison