Oh, yeah, the "choose a side, by which I mean be completely and utterly beholden to their every aspect and whim" annoys me no end, whether it's Vivienne or any other character or RL (the latter of which is pretty much why I've given up with politics and news: it sucks). Another notable transgression for me was the Tenpenny Tower fiasco in Fallout 3: I could tell from the outset that Roy Phillips was a complete and utter scrote but you were pretty much railroaded into following his cause otherwise you're castigated for being prejudiced. Literally, Three Dog broadcasts his disappointment for all three listeners to hear. That wasn't a "shades of grey" quest either, it was just annoying and stupid.

Far from the only example, just one that stuck in my mind.

And without checking, I believe the spelling is indeed Vivienne. The Young Ones character probably had the Vyvyan spelling because it looked angular and nasty.

J'aime le fromage.