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Well, if you turn them off it is the same as if you do not have them

This is false. For example I could turn it off for 5 out of 6 characters if I preferred to have the combat run more smoothly.

Secondly, if you were a creative and constructive person, you could even suggest the reactions are part of the NPC's Battle a.i.

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Oh, I can think creatively many ways to do it, but I am afraid the developers do not have that luxury

If Larian does not allow its developers to be creative and constructive, then perhaps it's a studio that does not deserve the Baldur's Gate 3 license.

Honestly this is not bg2, this is not the studio who made bg2. Thats a good thing. And if you see all the things this studio has done to get to where they are literally they were rock bottom with no money; creativity is what landed them BG3. If you dont like larian, or turn based dont play dnd, dont play any games with said mechanic. Like why not just go play a rtwp game or go stick around on bg2 ? People are not going to build games for nostalgic reasons just to make a quick buck or to please just one small niche community.

Secondly its based on 5e for a reason which got wotc millions of new players which you can guarantee would not bother with bg2.....ever. so if you honestly think theyre going to cater to the small steam community that want rtwp which i might add you might as well take a turn all that pausing.....

Honestly clockwork you say things that dont take into account that you know little how developers work, money, time, marketing, sacrifice and how wotc works in general with who they decide to hire and the audience they are trying to reach. Those players playing 5e are going to want a video game and it will not be bg2 with updated graphics. You also have to take into account stadia. Every stadia commercial host bg3 trailer either at the beginning or end of their trailer. This means this is a bigger breakthrough for larian because wotc + stadia debut. That means its designed to have multiplayer online so ppl can play a TT dnd video game online with their friends as if they are playing 5e at the table at a friends house.

That being said "turning off the pause" or having it on makes zero sense to implement on this type of platform. People cant let personal tastes whether nostalgic or otherwise cloud their judgement or accusing a studio of not being worthy of a game when YOU have no idea what wotc wants or how to develop a game yourself. Not to mention the sacrifices made. Now that they have backers and more money they can do more, before they didnt. The mistakes in Os2 were many but updates cost money and man power to fix so unfortunately these things went unfinished because of money. Thats not the case here. They are not going to make a game like the hundreds of others out there that didnt even sell well except to people in a niche group and still be able to appeal to 5e TT players, stadia players and gamers. Its ridiculous that you arent thinking this big and youre not incorporating all the factors. Its not bout pleasing people from years ago which the gaming community was even smaller then and even smaller for rpg games. Its about innovation and advancement with 5e, gaming, ai programing and all those things incorporate backers aswell as the audience wizards is going for.

I dont say any of this for debating but rather people have to think critically about things before being harsh just because you think you know better or what it takes to make a game. You can be cheap and recreate the past which will be extremely cheap and not as rewarding or you can be innovative in the present. Vic has been critically thinking on every post he makes and considers both styles and how they would work mechanically on the platforms this game will release on. Instead of just mouthing off "rtwp takes skill", "tb is for noobs", etc.Then theres the statement of just give the option to turn off the pause button but i HAVE NEVER seen one player play without it. No point in having it in the setup theyre going for. Im not saying any of this in defense of xyz but i am saying these convos wouldnt be happening if people didnt try to act like the past is better and applies to now or that the entire dnd community from adnd1e to 5e should conform to people who love bg2 from ages ago. I love bg2, sarevok for days but id rather see BG move forward from that mechanic and i dont care if its Tb or something we domt even expect. I want TT in my dnd game not an updated bg2 game from way back in the day. I dont want to descend into avernus with same old nostalgic musing just cause it sells to a niche community, i want to be impressed by fresh thinking. Obviously wotc chose them for that. So you just have to deal with it or dont play.

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