Whats "my" community?

Also i never stated i was big.

I never said it outsold bg2 and i mentioned i was a fan of it but want something more akin to TT, naturally since ive from 1e onward.

To your last statmrnt what niche do i belong to as a gamer in both videogame and TT? Hope you realize we are talking about rpgs as a whole, NOT video gaming in general otherwise the whole topic is null. I thin

I think your assuming much, i never said os2 outsold other titles i simply said the style of videogames rtwp, tb, rpgs in general do not garner attention in general. Youll also find that there are far more people playing TT than you think if thats what youre talking about. And great job not addressing in the platforms i mentioned in which the mechanics you want would work. As the last sentence of my post still stands.

And btw no one besides people that want a niche whether it be tb or rtwp or RTS style like SC or WC3 will care. Those that want anything specific will be mad they didnt get what they want. You cant please everyone.

Did you play any dos at all are you just here to vent your hate? Ive played all of these rpgs and they each do something good, theres something i love about them all even ToT. Im just realistic about the situation. Where it looks like your coming from this petty community tb vs rtwp flame war. Which is the wrong way to be. I enjoyed both styles of play but the problem is as i said you and others are trying to force an opinion on others and larian just because of personal tastes.

Youve taken your stance and attitude as someone who is judging things based on community wars and have assumed im on a said when ive played and enjoyed all of these no matter their mechanics. So youve assumed wrong about me and my stance just because ive played far too many pause plays and dont want another. Anyone can understand that. Something new would be quite refreshing. Sorry you cant handle that.

Why are you here if you dont like larian? If you dont like dos? Do you even like dnd TT? I mean thats kinda what their goal is with bg3. Waste of time for you to be here just for the sake of complaining with whatever community wars people have created. Why cant you all just play rpgs and accept them for what they and be honest when something has been done a thousand times too many and want something new. Why try to be petty with ppl who want a breath of fresh no matter what mechanic that is for a Dnd videogame(being specific so my context isnt misunderstood )