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I'm pretty sure the game has been decided as a TBS a long time ago. The didnt wanna say it because they'd rather show it.

Here's why:

1. Sven mentioned an exampe, during a fight you can set a chair on fire, pick it up and smash it on someone's head. I can see this working in a TBS pretty easily, but in RTWP? It would be a nightmare to micro this while you are getting beat up by random monsters at the same time.
2. This is gonna be a MP game from the ground up like DoS2. Do you know what 4+ people, fighting a battle at the same time, while all having a pause option would look like? Worse than a slide show for sure. You unpause, one guy pauses. He unpauses, but the 3rd guy isnt done. So he pauses amd the first one messes his thing now cos he didnt expext it. Literally unplayable, people.
3. TBS is something that is natural for dnd, it would be a lot easier to implement features that had to be cut in RTWP.
4. Juat cos itw TBS it can be vastly different than in DoS2.

To be honest I do not care RTwP or TB in general, I play both types of games(D&D in TB like in Pool of radiance and TOEE was good, D&D in BG, IWD, and the other IE games was superb), but what I want is a faithful representation of D&D5e, and I think to do it in RTwP is going to cut lots of fun features of 5e, even more if you consider that the game is going to be multiplayer and in Stadia.

And to be honest I do not really care if the game does the same mechanics of their predecessor. When the fallout franchise became a 3D shooter most people got angry. I was a little skeptic too, but when I tried I had my blast with Fallout: new vegas and tons of fun.
That said, please do not make BG3 a shooter... one is enough. That tabletop conversion went well with Warhammer Vermintide, but please don't.

The guys making Solasta, a game based in D&D 5e, chose to do it that way, In TB, and are planning to include 90% of the ruleset, even the jump, and flying mechanics.

If the game is RTwP? I will bough it and play it anyway, its Larian, its Baldur´s gate, and you never have enough games based in this setting.

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