There is a huge difference between faithfully creating a D&D game versus faithfully creating a TT game, D&D or otherwise. Saying that for the game to be true to D&D it has to be TB is a false and disingenuous claim because the very existanse of BG1, BG2, IwD1, IwD2, NwN1, NwN2 prove beyond any doubt that you can make a faithful D&D game, regardless of edition, with RTwP.

Now, if the claim is that for the game to be a faithful representation of TT gaming it needs to be TB, yes I agree. But I counter that argument by saying if you want to play a TT game go and play a TT game! Larian has been tasked with making a roleplaying VIDEO game, NOT a goddam TT simulator, and especially not taking a cherished classic RPG franchise like BG and turning it into a piece-of-shit TT simulator. I don't want a TT simulator. I want an RPG video game that is liberated from the annoying and aggravating shackles of TT gaming.

Lastly, yes, all you D:OS fans can talk all you want about how "awesome" Larian is, and all you want about Larian's "creativity." But none of that has any resonance with me at all. I consider the D:OS games to be complete shit. I don't even agree that they qualify as true RPGs. And all the so-called "innovative" elements in those games are trite, superficial crap to me. So for me, it is incumbent upon Larian to prove to me they know what they're doing in making BG3 'cause I have not drunk the Larian Kool-Aid.