Baldurs gate is DnD, Avernus is Dnd, the game has dnd written on it. I dont think youre getting the point cause youre trying to quote people on purpose to make this into a community war when multiple have stated that they want something new or they dont care what the format is. they already stated that their goal is to apply dnd 5e to a video game, i.e. NOT rtwp because thats not their goal.

No one is hijacking a franchise you must be delusional because no one on these forums or anyone else is getting paid to make bg3 besides larian and they havent taken any opinions from gamers. So youre statement is unfounded. Youre looking to lash out at people and blame other gamers for ruining something we arent involved in even making and just found out about the past year......-_____-

Btw do you honestly think google would promote a rtwp game on a debut on stadia????? Youve got to be mental. Google knows where to stick its cash and its not personal opinions. Again you should address the things i said instead of trying your hardest to make it into some community battle where gamers are ruining a franchise when hell no one even seen any footage yet. We dont even have a gameplay trailer yet and your flipping of for no reason....

Ive stated as well as others that we want a dnd5e game thats like TT, some of us dont care what the format is others of us do. But if larian is making it like tabletop and players like me who play TT which btw baldurs gate is from the TT AND NOT SEPARATE FROM DnD want a game thats like tt. I dont care how the make that as long as it has the 5e rulings which unfortunately cannot be accomplished with what your fighting ppl over.

Stop trying to make it a war, im part of ALL rpgs whether they have been rtwp or tb, i also love rts like wc3 and sc series. No one is killing a franchise because the gamers arent involved in making the game nor has anyone seen the game. No one is even being pandered to either no one even knew what divinity was ppl played and liked it and those that didnt just didnt.

I might add more sales does not mean a better product, many rpg i played had great sales but people didnt like them. We just have to hope they dont mess up mages like they did dos2, lol

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