You should stop trying to speak for everyone here, i love adnd1e all the way to 5e, and i also love bg2(hail sarevok) i also loved, ToT, ToEE, POE, etc.... im a fan of all these, but i also like dos as well so does that mean im here to ruin youre franchise because i like 5e rules in a genre that has become linear? No because theres no Larian/Wotc poll asking people if they want tb or rtwp.

Like its obvious you people came here just to complain cause if you dont like larian or dos games then theres no reason for you to be here. So am i not allowed to like baldurs gate and dos? Can i not be a fan of multiple TT and videogames? Am i not allowed to like multiple studios and formats? Like seriously is no one allowed to like dos just because you guys are in disagreement??

Btw theres been many examples of this mechanic vs mechanicand why things would or wouldnt work, but instead of acknowledging that you just bring things that arent relevant or say "you can have 5e rules with rtwp" like i know you guys dont even know the rules of 5e much less previous editions and most dont even know baldurs is part of dnd canon and that bg1-2 was not intended to be made as a TT video game but a video game with TT elements. HUGE differences.