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People are not going to build games for nostalgic reasons just to make a quick buck or to please just one small niche community.

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I dont think youre getting the point cause youre trying to quote people on purpose to make this into a community war

All I see is you being the instigator of this "war", trying to pin the blame on someone else. Or did you already forget what you yourself have said?

Anyway, I think one of the reasons for theses clashes is the Larian developers don't realise what it is they have picked up.
This Baldur's Gate fanbase has some crazy dedication to it, for example:
These people have developed mods for that BG2 game, and have continued to do so for longer than a decade after that game launched.
The last batches of these mods were released FOURTEEN years after the launch of the game.

That's the heritage Larian has picked up. And along the journey you're going to bump into a lot of people who loved these games for what they were.