You only quote things i say and accuse me of xyz but people can read for themselves. You cant address anything im saying because you are on these forums to vent your disagreement. You dont like larian which totally fine but not discussing mechanics and why they would or wouldnt work and instead choosing to blame players for things their not involved in the making of as if theres a wotc poll is ridiculous. And the fact youre accusing others and now me this when i clearly have stated the opposite just shows your own mindset. Infiltrator made a post on paage 8. Re read it. Thats all the explanation anyone would need for why google and wotc wouldnt want to implement something that i myself and you have played many times over. Its pretty obvious youre stance and purpose of being on these boards. And thanks for quoting me that way others can just see that youre desperately trying to make it as if im apart of some tb community that doesnt exist even though i love and and have played all rpgs of many different styles.

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