I was going to post something that would have gotten me banned here.

You dont need to like every little detail of a game in order to be a fan.
I like games in which the core mechanic was quite frankly terrible. Morrowind is still my favorite RPG, and holy crap was its combat awfull.
Likewise i like infinity engine games, but RTWP and the controll scheme were the worst part about these games. Even if i like Icewind dale the most, which is arguably nothign but combat.

And the idea that Larian is somehow recycling...
Like dude, thats literaly their most expensive project yet, you realy think they are recycling
And Clockwork you have the right to hold any opinion, but i have the right to laugh at you for it.

As for action RPG.
man, if this turns out to be Western Dragons Dogma with multiplayer, then i think ill sink so many hours into this game that somenes gonna have to pry me from my chair, and my friends too while theyre at it.

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