I guess I'm a fan of RTwP despite its flaws. While I've been thoroughly enjoying Divinity: Original Sin (can't comment on the sequel as it's not in my library yet) I can't help but notice how much of the time spent in-game is directly attributable to taking turns in combat. BG3 is billed as a 100-hour adventure but I sincerely hope this does not mean that over 90% of those 100 hours will boil down to combat. If D:OS weren't turn-based, it would probably take half as long to beat it. Nevertheless, I'm open to turn-based combat if it is done in a way that staves off tedium and boredom. Take Battle Chasers: Nightwar for example. It's a JRPG/WRPG crossover that was a huge blast for me when I played it. Combat wasn't used as filler and the comic book visuals kept things from becoming a bore.

If Larian ultimately chooses TB over RTwP I humbly suggest that they throw lots of different camera angles into the mix, come up with a variety of quirky and vivid character battle animations, write lots and lots of banter, taunts etc. and finally provide us with a plethora of abilities, buffs and modifiers that make every monster encounter as unique as humanly possible. Also, please no cutting corners on the soundtrack, I'm fairly certain no one would appreciate hearing the same battle theme looping over and over again throughout the entire game.

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